Wolf Ventures


The initial Total Supply of the $WV token is 20.000.000 or 20 Million.
Our token represents the WV holders share of all revenues that Wolf Ventures generates. This includes but is not limited to treasury management, services sold to other protocols and any other way the team behind Wolf Ventures profits off what crypto has to offer.
These profits will be airdropped as rewards to every holding $WV proportionally, following our metrics-based reward strategy.
It is possible that our token become inflationary or deflationary depending on our tokens' liquidity. It is explained on the following pages.
Until today close to 5 Million $WV have already been burned, which leaves the total supply of $WV at 15,420,192 $WV.
You can check the total supply with up-to-date numbers at:
Token appreciation model of $WV