Wolf Ventures


a. Developer
The team of Wolf Ventures consists of multiple talented and crypto-fluent individuals, most of which are part of our loyal community and stood out through their commitment and deep knowledge.
We are proud to have multiple smart-contract developers as well as front-end developers, who are highly motivated to use their expertise and skills to return profits to holders under the umbrella of Wolf Ventures. They are either working on products and services Wolf Ventures sells as service to others; or ones that directly benefit Wolf Ventures and its community.
Our Instant Bonds and SmartSwap were developed by this team and are two flagships of what Wolf Ventures offers.
Other areas include web design and back-end work for projects like VoidCash (Ethereum), OneRing (Fantom) and LeemonSwap (Hedera).
b. Business advisor
The Wolf Ventures team includes business advisors who lend us their knowledge to improve on every aspect of Wolf Ventures to maximize efficiency, structure and returns.
c. Editors
A team of individuals from around the world is actively working on articles and educational content to speed the adoption of cryptocurrencies and decentralised finance. We believe that the main barrier for the average person to invest in crypto is still the huge research and due diligence necessary.
d. Treasury managers
A main pillar of Wolf Ventures is our protocol owned treasury, which we use to generate returns. This is not possible without a team of highly skilled and capable people.
Wolf Ventures has multiple people of this caliber who engage in serious discussion before every investment to make sure to make the best decisions possible and maximize returns to WV token holders.
e. Research team
Wolf Venures’ research team is constantly assessing possible new investments and opportunities in the most professional and scientific way possible. The results are then forwarded to our treasury management team; this process guarantees the most rational and promising decision making. This information is also forwarded to our Private Telegram group accessible through the following link: https://guild.xyz/wolf-ventures​
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