Wolf Ventures

Rewards Den (NFTs)

WV Rewards Den
We took inspiration from the Reliquary mechanism, developed by the ByteMasons and already implemented by BeethovenX. This mechanism incentivizes users to stake or deposit their tokens and keep them staked/ deposited without having to lock them. The older a position or NFT is, the higher the rewards are. This was meant to improve the AMM reward models, but the Wolf Ventures Team saw potential benefits for $WV, too.
After days and weeks of brainstorming, discussions and sweat blood and tears, our special weapon Niera finished what is now our own in-house developed and unique WV NFT reward mechanism, the Wolf Ventures Treasure Den.
It includes a financial NFT collection of 100 different WV Wolves, audited smart contracts, a sleek front-end and a new and exciting way to participate and benefit from Wolf Ventures as a protocol.
There are 10 maturity levels going from maturity 0 to 9, whereas 0 is the lowest and 9 the highest. The progress from 0 to 9 represents a wolf growing up, from wolf pup to wolf god.
White Wolf Tier 0
White Wolf Tier 5
Every NFT starts as maturity level 0 and advances by one stage after 30 days.
Example: You mint a new NFT today. In 30 days it will level up to maturity tier 1. After 270 days your NFT will be fully matured, reaching wolf god tier 9
There are 10 varieties of wolf NFTs.
0-beige, 1-blue, 2–black, 3-green, 4-green2, 5-grey, 6-red, 7-red2, 8-white, 9-yellow.
The variety of your WV NFT will be decided by the last digit of your wallet address and then change it every second.
The different varieties are just cosmetic and have no influence on how much rewards someone gets.
Wolf Ventures Treasury distributes rewards to its holders’ WV NFTs. Each NFT represents a certain balance of $WV, displayed under each NFT. Reward calculations consider the amount of $WV in your NFT and the maturity of your NFT. Rewards are distributed as following:
Tier 0 gets 55% of the rewards which it would usually get, Tier 1 gets 60%, Tier 2 gets 65%, and so on, up to Tier 9 getting 100% of their respective rewards.
The remaining amount is split between all NFTs, only considering the $WV balance of each NFT.
Furthermore, it is possible to add different rewards, for example non-stable coins.
Principles for clarity:
- no difference in rewards if all NFTs are the same level
- you always get more as your level increases
- higher levels get more than lower levels
- people who buy shortly before a reward distribution to get rewards and then sell, are disincentivized because a tier 0 has little base reward
This new feature is available at nft.wolf.ventures!