Wolf Ventures

Metrics-based rewards strategy

Wolf Ventures seeks to be fully transparent and committed to its holders.
To achieve that, we implemented a reward strategy that depends on different metrics and distributions methods explained below.
For the reward calculations, our protocol’s treasury will be divided into the following six categories:
Stablecoin farms and rewards
Includes stablecoin farms and the generated yield
Spot tokens
This category is made up of all liquid tokens held in the treasury with the goal to profit by
price appreciation
Locked tokens
Consists of illiquid tokens that are not tradable.
An inventory of treasury-owned non-fungible tokens held for their appreciation, utility and
Service profits
Includes generated profits by services sold by the team
Includes all real world assets Wolf Ventures owns.
Weekly reward calculations are different depending on the category!
Stablecoin farms and rewards
Returns are calculated weekly. Only realized profit is counted (e.g. selling the reward
Spot tokens
Every purchase price tracked and only realized gains are counted for weekly rewards.
Locked tokens
Excluded from all profit calculations. Included in overall treasury value.
Emission tokens sold as realized gains will be counted for weekly $WV rewards, e.g.
Excluded from overall treasury value. Realized gains count towards weekly $WV rewards.
Services sold
Profits will be added to weekly $WV rewards
Revenue made through the managing or selling of our real word assets will be included in the weekly reward calculations.
In case of reaching the minimum amount, these numbers will be released weekly on Wolf Ventures Medium profile.
Our weekly treasury gains are then split between $WV holders, allocations for open market buys of $WV, treasury compounding and the projects overhead according to the graphic below.
Once there are more than $15.000 allocated to $WV holders, rewards will be airdropped to our holders in respect to their holding of $WV and the maturity of their staked position. After reward are distributed, the counter goes back to zero and the cycle starts again. This threshold can be reached over the course of multiple weeks, e.g. $3.000 each week and after five weeks, rewards would be airdropped since the number of $15.000 has been reached.
The distributed rewards will then be automatically staked in a single stake solution for $USDC and automatically withdrawn, once users unstake their $WV. Additionally, rewards can be claimed in any proportion via our website at any time.